Aug 20, 2009

Lessons in Lovemaking

I just got back from Calcutta, the city I grew up in. My thoughts on the city shall be for another blog post, but here is a snippet: Oxford Bookstore, Calcutta has a "Sexology" section.

Why sexology and not sex? I don't know and I suspect they don't either. The -logy probably gives the hormones and the carnality a twinge of respectability.

This was on display at the Sexology section of Oxford Bookstore, Calcutta.

What were they thinking? Clearly not a great deal. And it does say something about the city that is desperately trying to give up its ghost.

Image: (c) Sandeep Banerjee - All Rights Reserved


  1. Charming. Perhaps because Calvin and Hobbes and PG Wodehouse are full of sex, and everyone knows sex is funny. Or fun. But if you asked the Oxford people this, I'm sure they'd miss the humour of the situation.

  2. Sexology. The Days are just packed...killer combo

  3. thank you for adding to my sexology collection :)