Aug 29, 2009

Darkness Visible

I saw the solar eclipse from Varanasi last month (on July 22). It was quite astounding. As I watched the eclipse this time, I was reminded of Milton's lines from Paradise Lost:

... yet from those flames
No light; but rather darkness visible (I. 62 - 63)

I had seen a total solar eclipse in 1996 but this year's event was grander.

Way more grand.

The eclipse made me realize just how long four minutes can be: that's how long the eclipse lasted. It took place early in the morning. Sometime past 6 am, if I am not mistaken. The birds woke up and before they knew it, it was dark again.

Were the birds feeling a tad jet-lagged from the experience?

There is something extremely awe-inspiring about a total solar eclipse. It is a celestial spectacle. And the sun (and the moon) did put up quite a show.

Take a look.

Images and Video: (c) Sandeep Banerjee - All Rights Reserved

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